Welcome to the leisuredome.

As I have just returned from a year's travel, there's actually quite a lot of genuinely original content here. Pretty weird huh, especially as you were doubtless expecting more of those crappily amusing pictures that your slacker chums send round on circular emails instead of working. No, most of the contents in this section came from inside my head - much like the contents of a hanky.

The sections of most interest to most are likely to be the photos and the travel diary.

In the former, you can thrill to pictures of the Papuan penis gourd people, shudder at snaps of near naked mud bathing and gawp vacuously at big jars and even bigger heads. Go on, get involved: there are hundreds of these pictures and they're almost undoubtedly more interesting than whatever else it is you're actually supposed to be doing.

Meanwhile, more cerebral surfers can read linked commentary in the travel diary. I'm told some of it is quite funny. But don't feel you have to: I of all people understand that reading is considerably more demanding than looking.

There's also the links section, subtly signalled by that famous snap of Brunel in front of some big links (pretty clever eh?) But you can probably work that out for yourselves.