A list of links to other sites I've stumbled across, helpfully sorted into categories, most of them categories of one. Even on the internet there aren't many bears that defecate prime numbers. If you would like your link to appear, please get in touch using the contact form and I will take a look at it.


Buddies, with web pages:

www.simeonbird.co.uk Simeon Bird's homepage

www.geocities.com/benrid/jon/ Not strictly Jon Redding's homepage, but informative nonetheless

www.mattlow.com Matthew Low's web page. Lots of narcissistic photos.

www.bardofbray.com Scott Perry's homepage. Goes to show what happens when you have your website built by professionals, rather than slapping something together in Frontpage


Chap, being a jolly good:

www.thechapmagazine.com Online magazine for those of us who wish for a return to a gentler, more sexist era.


Corpocracy, anti:

www.adbusters.org Very funny spoof adverts and rather a lot of rather less funny Gore Vidalesque stuff about how America (and by extension the world) is run for the benefit of big business .


Crack cocaine, upside of:

www.crackaficionado.com Online magazine aimed at the discerning rockhead.


Curry, various sorts:

www.curryhouse.co.uk Very good site with loads of curry recipes, especially Thai.



chances of experiencing on commercial flights:

www.amigoingdown.com Risk calculator: work out your chances of dying in a kerosene fireball next time you fly.

and celebrities:

www.celebritymorgue.com Gives the lie to the adage that those who die young leave an attractive corpse.

www.deathsucks.com Laugh at famous dead people.

and stupid people:



F1 Cars, the sound they make:

http://funny-funny-pictures.com/insanity/ Simulation of a fast broom-broom doing its thing. Makes you realise what the excitement of F1 is all about.


Gossip, potentially libelous. 

http://www.popbitch.com A very fine site. A bit like Heat magazine. But scabrous and interesting rather than sycophantic and dull.


Homosexuality, in the morning, unexpected:

www.dymphna.net/wakeupgay/ Fan fiction page dedicated to the intriguing possibility of popular characters waking up one morning to find themselves gay. He-man and superman feature prominently.


Jailbirds, reunion sites for:

www.convictsreunited.com Just like friends reunited, but for old lags.


Kittens, their place in Japanese tree art:

www.bonsaikitten.com/ Must see site. If you like growing cats inside bottles. 


Legends, urban:

www.snopes.com Site which tells you most of your favourite legends are completely untrue.


Meat, eating, wearing, driving:

www.hatsofmeat.com Site dedicated to those who wear meat products; funny peculiar.

www.manbeef.com Not pornography as the name suggests, consumer cannibalism; refreshingly thorough.

www.redmeat.com Baudelairian comic strip

www.weinermobile.com Homepage of a man who collects cars shaped like wieners.


Music, its place in the corporate landscape:

http://corporateanthems.raettig.org/ Selection of songs commissioned - in earnest - by companies. Bizarre and disturbing.

http://www.techwrite.net/phillipmusic.htm Homepage of the guy wrote the song song for Asera. His lyrics come from a very, very impure place.



cheap buying and hosting on the net:

www.virtualnames.co.uk Overall, perhaps the cheapest place to buy names, host sites etc.

https://secure.ukservers.net/webmail2/src/login.php Their email server address. Really just for my benefit.

food with rude:


places with rude:



http://www.funnyname.com Laugh at people with names sillier  that yours and at businesses with names like rude things.


Onion, like the but not as good:

www.herdofsheep.com UK Onionalike; not as funny as, generally, but probably better on Afghanistan.

www.satirewire.com  satirical stuff to do with technology. 


Pies, from the UK:

http://www.britstore.co.uk/itmidx10.htm England's finest Epicurean delights. Tinned pies feature prominent.


Porn, conversion to:

www.pornolize.com Turns any other site in a pile of filth. What a fantastic site. Highly recommended.


Presidents, ESN

www.gwbush.com Nice collection of Bushisms and timely reminder that, despite all that has happened, America is still run by big business's  semi-literate stooge. Roll on Enrongate.


Prime numbers, Bears that poo:

http://members.surfeu.fi/kklaine/primebear.html A bear that poops  out numbers divisible only by one and themselves. Mesmerizing


Rectums, objects inexplicably within:

http://www.well.com/user/cynsa/newbutt.html Disturbing insight into the word of anal cramming; includes X-rays.


Rude words, and foreign domains:

www.fuck.it Undeniably  of the cleverest uses of the '.it' suffix; email available. As the front page says: 'yourname@fuck.it' Now that is cool.'


Travel Stuff Ive found useful.


www.lonelyplanet.com Whatever your views, their books are well laid out and easy to use. And the Thorntree discussion area can be hilarious. Though not intentionally.




www.travelmag.co.uk Full of very useful stuff and nice links. I'm rather keen on the layout too: it's easier to get around than most.


www.yahoo.com - Use their email, and you won't be deluged by junk from usurers and pornographers. Unlike certain other free email providers.



Virus scans, free:

www.housecall.antivirus.com Free online virus scan. Not especially funny, but handy.



Weblog Stuff I have been entirely sure about a concept of a day to day diary on the web. But it's a popular Naturally, theres an awful lot of dross - a million monkeys etc - but some of these sites are very fine. Among them:


Bifurcated Rivets A lecturer at Newcastle Uni. Deservedly popular.

www.blogatelle.com Nicely written, which is shorthand for I should read more and say something less bland.

www.emptybottle.org  Very swish. I got design envy

perso.fraise.net I think the author lives in France. Interesting stuff.

www.snarkymalarkey.com Mr Snarky and chums. Me gusta mucho. I occasionally contribute. 

www.thundersnake.com Loads of weird stuff.

www.metafilter.com Massive community type thing. There's all sorts here.


Blog Services:

www.blogwise.com They were very nice about me. Cheers.

www.theweblogreview.com They gave me 3.5 out of 5. Nothing is worse than being average.

www.blogwise.com No idea what they think.