Nowadays it looks a little dated, rendolent of the sad-sweet for the not so distant past, but in the early 00s, the original gallery was right up there at the cutting edge of vapidity. Of course, back then you only had to put 'nudity' in the page title to get all the hits from the 125 people googled to the internet. Times change, but the best things stay the same: like the dozen or so people who visit this page every month.

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going drown
ski pants
porn again - NEW
rib tickler
tag line

greater crater
water babe
road in
model behaviour

daily male
hand job
no deal
flash 'tache
feminine interest

mountain guy
shroom with a view
young once
chasing clouds

Klaus Barbie dolls
lager than life
chicks with pricks
board of vanity
now you sea it


life's a beach
crutching at straws
back in black
wee fellah
foward to India