This started life as the "Patagonia gallery", but who was to know I would encounter such preternatural cuteness? Anyway, with plenty of adorable animals (and not just penguins) this series really is one for the kids. Though the captions with their throwaway allusions to casual depravity might raise a few awkward questions.

Read about these photos:

Argentina: golden showers and crampons:
Argentina: Latino rednecks, penguins,Wales:

enjoy more penguin pics from New Zealand:

      crampon it

volcan do

pre pre paid

place of refugio


house viewing

nice Ice

summit's up

penguin fFrench

I spy nothing

cute chick

animal pimps

preen and serene

soap Dodger


something fishy

seal of appoval - NEW
happy trailers -   NEW
bard senseless - NEW

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