A is for Assmosis                    

Academic Junk Food - increasingly bizarre degree courses (Soap opera studies, etc.) of no academic value to students and no interest to employers.

Action list - like a to do list, but more gung-ho and impressive.

Aljazeerification: to have your hitherto obscure business thrust into the limelight by external events. Derived from the hitherto obscure Arab language TV channel, Al Jazeera.

Alpha pups - kids who set trends, junior opinion formers. If you sell your product to the AP all others will follow.

Anecgloat: a story subtly (or often not so subtly) designed to reflect well on the teller.

Assmosis - to gain promotion because your brown-nosing abilities rather than your ability to do your job. Also known as suck-cession.

Attention spam - the length of time it takes to realise than an email is junk

Aural branding - the idea that a company can own a sound - i.e. direct line's irritating jingle.

Autoagents - pieces of software that attempt to second-guess your consumption patterns.