Building on the firm success of the acclaimed Penis Gourd Gallery, this sequence takes phallic imagery back into the stone age. This gallery has a number of adult themes and viewers likely to be shocked by great big rock cocks should exercise caution. On the other hand, if you enjoy images of foxy ladies enaged in no holds barred, craven acts of prong worship, well, then, dive on in.


Read about these photos, look at further quasi phallic pictogrammes and read about Bolivian business:

Peru: altitude sickness, theworld's worst guide
Peru: rubbish towns, great lakes, sc(r)ots,
rock cocks
Bolivia: saliva Muggers, puke, playing with dynamite

Indonesia: more prongs in the penis gourd gallery
Independent Feature on Human Phone Boxes

70s style

tented Space

scene of madness

nothing to be scene

ring roulette


hats off

house of straw


cracking up

cold bits

arch rnemies

traveller chic

best dressed

lake mullet

swish skies

penis envy

chicks with dicks

devil's dandruff

johnson worship

      no mean foetus

nice bird

walking with...

turd, man


swisher skies    

...and swisher still

objects of booty

a cute poverty

harsh beauty



water sign
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