Once thought to be of of a religious nature, recent study has revealed these scripts to be a form of Nepali 'chick lit.' In the section shown, the protagonist has just revealed to her best girlie friend that she fancies a yak herder and not her boyfriend, who is something big in prayer wheels. The ending (not shown) is, even by the demanding standards of the genre, arse-achingly turgid and predictable. The kind of thing that makes you want to bang your forehead in ground glass. Needless to say, the rock was an outstanding success and the author went on to produce half a dozen more, further detailing her heroine's increasingly cloying and vapid life. This rich, multilayered banality was only bought to an end when the author was charged by a yak, whose razor sharp horns gutted her like a salmon, from clavical to navel.

Nepal, 2002